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Seed monitoring systems

The main task of the seeding control systems "SKIF" is to control the technological parameters of the seed plant, promptly obtain information on faults for the most rapid elimination of problems. And, as a consequence, reducing costs in the sowing season and obtaining material profit..

Calculation of farm losses for the planting season without the use of a seed control system:

Distance between rows on the seed drill 30 15
Predicted yield, centner / ha 30 70
Price per ton, rub. 8 000 8 000
Sowing machine speed, km / h 10 10
Work for sowing, hours 150 150
Sowing area (sifting) 1 openers per hour, ha 0,3 0,15
Incomplete harvest per hour, t. 0,9 1,05
Lack of harvest in sowing, t. 135 160
The loss incurred by the economy for an hour, rubles. 7 200 9 600
The loss incurred by the farm for sowing, rubles. 1 080 000 1 440 000

Using SKIF seeding control systems, it is possible to expand the capacities of the sowing complex, organize its round-the-clock operation, maximize labor productivity at minimum costs and provide 100% control of sowing.

History of the "SKIF"

2006 year

Autumn - the origin of the idea of establishing a control system

2007 year

Autumn sowing - the first test of the span sensors

2008 year

January - Samples of the control system SKIF.
Analog way of signal processing and display.

2008 year

March - the first sales, SKIF-D

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For precision seeders

Для механических сеялок.jpg

For mechanical seeders

Для пневматических сеялок.jpg

For pneumatic seeders

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