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RPM Sensor


DО14-1Х, DО14-2Х, DО14-1АХ, DО14-2АХ



  • Monitoring of the combine harvesters’ integral parts condition and general automation.

  • The sensors can be used as non-contact switches.

Main characteristics:

  • The sensors have modifications УХЛ 1 under ГОСТ 15150 Russian State standard.

  • There are two modifications -  DО-14Х и DО-14АХ. The main difference is the method of connection to the circuits: with Faston connectors or with water and dust-proof connector TYCO.

  • The sensors have ‘open collector”ports. Initial position of ДО14-1Х, ДО14-1АХ is off transistor and  ДО14-2Х, ДО14-2АХ is on transistor. If there is a magnetic field near the sensor’s side surface, the output transistor’s positions changes to the opposite one.

  • The sensors are equipped with magnet supports based on the permanent magnet. There are two types of fastening: catcher type (magnet supports 079) or M6 screw (magnet supports 080).


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