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Grain losses sensor


Piezoelectric sensors ДПЗП-1, ДПЗП-5



  • Sensors  DPZP-1 and  DPZP-5  are designed to be used within grain combine harvesters as an integral part of the grain losses change signaling device. The sensor is able to detect the wheat, bread-corn, barley, corn and pea grains losses during harvesting.

  • The sensors have modifications УХЛ 1 under ГОСТ 15150 Russian State standard with operating temperature from - 10°С to  + 55°С.

Main characteristics:

  • Sensors’ maximum signal output for wheat, bread-corn, barley, corn and pea grains drop – not less than 100mV with grain humidity 9-30%, height 130 mm with the angle 60°.

  • Signal output impulse duration under point 1 on 0.5 level is not more than 1 msec

  • Sensor’s electric capacity – not less than 7nF


specifications ДПЗП-1


specifications ДПЗП-5